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Why i Wrote this Sequel?

I was in Baguio market last year.I saw something that really bothered me.

A group of peasant vendors laid their vegetables for sale (maybe grown from their backyard) on a banig right on the street. Maybe they could not afford a market stall.A man in a t-shirt uniform came around and started sweeping the muddy gutter off the sidewalk....and continuously swept the dirt right into the faces of the vendors and the vegetables.The vendors just cowered and covered their faces, but he didn’t care. As the man bent down, I saw a gun sticking out from his back pocket.

This scene burned into my consciousness what is happening in the country - the strong intimidating, stepping on the weak and the poor, with no regard for their dignity.

I told this story to a group of Carmelite sisters, and they told me,
“Don’t you think it’s time for another Noli?”

Why Is this a Sequel...
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